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A Wednesday Experiment - The Community Frosty Mug

Good morning Brewer fans,

We're trying something new today. I'm still away from home and won't return until Friday. Roguejim has been filling in for me the last two days (and doing a great job, by the way), but today he's on the road for the holiday as well. So today's Frosty Mug pinch-hitter

Did you read something interesting today? Do you blog about the Brewers and have something we should read? Do you have a webcomic or joke you can make Brewer-relevant? Post it in the comments below.

Please limit yourself to Brewer content or things you can make Brewer relevant. Anything offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be removed, as I'm too busy to write the Mug today but I'm still monitoring the comments.

Aside from that, go crazy! Let's see what we can put together as a community. The Mug will be off Thursday for the holiday but will return Friday.

Drink up, then refill it and drink again.