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A Milwaukee Brewers Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is a day of being around relatives, eating turkey, giving thanks (duh), watching that other American game, and any other number of familial traditions. Like pretty much every offseason holiday, there's not much going on in the baseball world. The CC sweepstakes is still at a standstill. The Cubs may still acquire Brian Roberts Jake Peavy. Other free agents are waiting for Sabathia to sign, and so on.

To mark the holiday, the Brewers official site's top story is about how members of the team gave back to the community throughout the season. Say what you will about the players' performance on the field, it's always nice to see them give back off the diamond. Here's a short recap of Brewers players' involvement with charity this past season:

  • Brewers Charities put $850,000 back into the community, not including free tickets given out by the team. With ticket donations included, they crossed the $1 million mark for the first time
  • Eric Gagne donated about $200,000 during the season, including the largest single donation in MACC fund history.
  • Jeff Suppan has a $100,000 per-season donation in his contract and is further involved with helping military families. Suppan and Gagne each donated $20,000 to help renovate baseball fields damaged by floods last summer.
  • Mike Cameron, Bill Hall, Chris Capuano, and Ben Sheets all have their own charitable interests while former Brewers Larry Hisle and Hank Aaron also help raise money and contribute around the community.

Read the full article for more on where each of those guys mentioned makes their mark. When it seems like only the headcases make it into the news for their off-the-field antics, it's always good to see players giving back. The Brewers seem to have a good crop of players in the clubhouse.

Turning to the site here, I want to say thank you to everyone, whether frequent commentor, occasional poster, or reader, for making this one of the best places online to discuss the Brewers. Without people reading and contributing, you're just talking to yourself and, well, I'd like to think we're not that crazy. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody.