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Chasing Mike Maddux Out the Door

It's been a good run, but I'm waving goodbye.

Due to other commitments and interests, I'm handing over the reins of Brew Crew Ball to KLSnow, who will boldly (and semi-drunkenly) lead you into the future of the Milwaukee Brewers.  I'm not going away entirely (sorry!) ...KL has left the door open for me to pop in as I see fit.  He keeps referring to me as the "voice of reason," which suggests that he's either (a) being nice, or (b) in for some serious disappointment.

Before I go, I want to thank all the contributors, moderators, and regulars of the site.  This has never been a one-man show, and that became especially clear this season, as we'd frequently have three or four authors on the front page at the same time. 

And, thanks to KL for taking over.  I'm much happier to leave the keys with him (and the rest of the writers and mods) that to fob off the site on an unknown quantity.

Go Brewers!