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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read once you're done with haiku on the Cardinals' offseason.

So it looks like the rumor about the Yankees offer for Mike Cameron was pretty accurate, or at least close to it, but it also looks like Doug Melvin didn't take the bait. It is about the money, stupid thinks the Yankees might be trading for Cameron in an effort to help lure in his friend, CC Sabathia. If that's the case, one has to wonder if Yankee executives spend their evenings trolling the bars for girls who might have hot friends.

I don't know if Prince Fielder has hot friends, but regardless of that the Nationals are showing interest in him. They might need one of their new uniforms in a really big size.

In all seriousness, though: Do the Nationals have any bargaining chips good enough to warrant unloading Fielder? I can't think of anything.

Because all things in life require balance, here's a trade rumor going the other way: Athletic Supporters looks at what it might take to get Huston Street to Milwaukee.

Ryan Braun finished eighth and CC Sabathia 12th in the SB Nation Voting for NL MVP. Braun appeared on 11 ballots but didn't get a single vote above third place. CC Sabathia picked up two second place votes but only appeared on four ballots. Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman and Hanley Ramirez were the top three, respectively.

In other ranking news, Brewer second basemen ranked 13th in all of baseball Baseball Musings' Probabilistic Model of Range. Rickie Weeks was slightly above average (100.55, with 100 being average) and Ray Durham was fifth from the bottom (92.86). Related: mgl bludgeoned the theory that players with better range make more errors.

Infield Chatter has made a list of the top 50 free agents and projected their destination. His list includes CC Sabathia the Angel, Ben Sheets the Astro, Ray Durham the Met, and Mark Grduzielanek the Brewer.

This will certainly shock you: The Hardball Times has a list of the worst free agent signings in 2008, and Eric Gagne is on it. In his brief appearance, he gave up a home run.

Here are today's notes from the hot stove:

Phillies: Pat Burrell and Jamie Moyer filed for free agency.
Red Sox: Jason Varitek is looking for a deal similar to Jorge Posada's, which pays $13.1 million annually. He'll be home if you need him.
Rockies: Brian Fuentes' agents are supposedly working on a four year deal with the Mets worth around $44 million.
Yankees: Declined Damaso Marte's option for 2009. Marte will be a Type A free agent.

Following up on the Phillies note: their backup plans, should Burrell leave, are Jerry Hairston, Rocco Baldelli...and Kevin Mench. They'd better bid high for Burrell.

No player with 500 home runs has ever been denied entrance into the Hall of Fame. Could Sammy Sosa be the first player to be denied with 600? It seems possible.

Nominations are open for the 2008 Weblog Awards. So if you have, by chance, a favorite sports blog, you could perhaps consider nominating it.

Oh, and apparently time loses all meaning when you work on a cruise ship.

Drink up.