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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while trying to estimate how much Wooting off one could do with $160 million.

So you've probably heard from here, there and everywhere that CC Sabathia has signed with the Yankees. The Bloomberg story I just linked says the deal is for 6 years and at least $140 million, but Ken Rosenthal is reporting the deal is worth $160 million over seven years. I woke up this morning feeling like something was wrong...something didn't smell right. Turns out Gorman was sick during the night. But even if that hadn't been the case, I could have blamed it on this.

With the sweepstakes over, this may very well be the last Sabathia Smorgasbord:

  • Bill Hall spent the weekend with Sabathia but "resisted the urge" to try to convince Sabathia to remain in Milwaukee. Apparently helping the team wasn't an option during the offseason either.
  • Brewed Sports projects the Brewers as a 74-win team without Sabathia. That strikes me as pretty low. I'd put them at about 81 right now.
  • Sabernomics says Sabathia was the second most valuable pitcher over the last three seasons, behind Brandon Webb.
  • It is about the money, stupid has Sabathia's career numbers against his future AL East opponents.

So, moving on, the Yankees currently own the 26th pick in June's draft, and that pick will eventually belong to the Brewers UNLESS the Yankees also sign Mark Teixiera, who ranked higher in Elias' free agent rankings.Nationals Journal quotes Ken Rosenthal as saying the Angels have all but given up on re-signing him, and the Nationals are expected to make him the highest offer. Seamheads says he could be worth more than $200 million over 10 years in Washington.

So what now? Well, Doug Melvin appears to be dangling his feet in the closer market, as he's rumored to be pursuing Brian Fuentes and the Brewers are one of three teams in discussions with the Mariners regarding J.J. Putz. Ben Brown of Bleacher Report says trading J.J. Hardy for J.J. Putz makes sense in his book. That book should never have been written. The Mariners and Brewers have reportedly discussed both Putz and Prince Fielder, but not in the same deal.

Here's some interesting gossip: Might the Brewers also be interested in a catcher? The Orioles traded Ramon Hernandez to the Reds yesterday, but before they did, they apparently heard an offer from the Brewers for his services.

Bob Howry's recent contract with the Giants includes an incentive for games finished. Actually, so does Jorge Julio's new one with the Brewers. Over at Recondite Baseball, TheJay takes a look at why teams use games finished as an incentive base, and the odds a pitcher can reach an incentive for games finished without actually being a closer.

Some of us have been waiting for this news for months, although we probably didn't expect it to come from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal. They're reporting Bill Hall could be on the trading block.

Elsewhere on the Hot Stove:

Astros: Reportedly met with Randy Johnson at the winter meetings.
Blue Jays: The team is reportedly targeting a 2009 payroll of $84 million, down from $97 million in 2008.
Cubs: Jake Peavy seems to think he'll be a Cub soon, but the Cubs don't seem to know that.
D-Backs: Reportedly are prepared to join the legions of others with a contract offer out to Arthur Rhodes.
Dodgers: Signed Hector Luna to a minor league deal.
Indians: Are reportedly near agreement on a two or three year deal with Kerry Wood.
Mets: The team may bring Pedro Martinez back after all and have also met with Raul Ibanez.
Phillies: May have reached an impasse in negotiations with Jamie Moyer, who is reportedly seeking a two year deal.
Rangers: Nolan Ryan met with Ben Sheets and has reviewed his medical records, but they're still not sure they have the money to sign him.
Rays: Are reportedly interested in trading for Rick Ankiel.
Royals: One of baseball's smallest markets has joined Oakland, the Dodgers and Toronto in pursuit of Rafael Furcal. They're also reportedly discussing trading Zack Greinke to the Braves for Jeff Francoeur.
Yankees: Before the ink is even dry on Sabathia's deal, the Yankees may also be offering four years, $66 million to Derek Lowe.

Chone Smith, apparently bored with the offseason, has unveiled the Hall of Very Good, for players not quite good enough for the Hall of Fame. Former Brewers Willie Randolph and Sal Bando are among the inductees.

Finally, a trifecta on bats: maple bats will still be used in 2009, George Brett is working with developers to market a bamboo bat, and Billy Ripken used to write obscenities on his.

Drink up.