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Saved for Saturday: Help support Baseball Reference

With a lot of big news this week, a couple of things I intended to write about slipped through the cracks. So I saved them for today, when I wasn't previously planning on writing at all. Enjoy.

Have you ever thought about how much you use Baseball Reference? I probably use it at least half a dozen times daily. Simply put, it's the most complete source of statistical info on the web, and I don't know how I'd write without it.

So I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to BR, and also make sure you know about the opportunities out there to help them out.

By my count, there are 35 players who played for the Brewers in 2007 or 2008 who don't have a sponsor on their BR page. They range from relatively expensive ($60) to dirt cheap ($5), and if you run a blog or just use BR as often as I do, they're a nice way to promote your site or just say thank you to BR for making all this information available. And if you've got nothing to promote, you could always, y'know, throw a cheap plug to BCB. So with that said, here's the list and a link to each player's page, sorted by price:

J.J. Hardy, $60
Jason Kendall, $35
Ray Durham, $35
Jeff Suppan, $30
Craig Counsell, $25
Gabe Gross, $25
Bill Hall, $20
Tony Gwynn, $20
Mike Lamb, $20
Dave Bush, $20
Brad Nelson, $15
Angel Salome, $15
Guillermo Mota, $15
Johnny Estrada, $15
Damian Miller, $15
Elmer Dessens, $15
Joe Dillon, $10
Mike Rivera, $10
Hernan Iribarren, $10
Laynce Nix, $10
Vinny Rottino, $10
David Riske, $10
Mark DiFelice, $10
Tim Dillard, $10
Todd Coffey, $10
Zach Jackson, $10
Tony Graffanino, $10
Chris Capuano, $10
Scott Linebrink, $10
Matt Wise, $10
Chris Spurling, $10
Greg Aquino, $10
Jose Capellan, $10
Ray King, $10
Mel Stocker, $5

So, if you've got a few bucks in your pocket and don't know what to do with it, consider tossing it to Baseball Reference and helping them keep the site we use all the time free.