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On reaching a milestone

So, sometime around 11:45 this morning, the one millionth visitor stopped by this space. I wanted to take a minute to stop and note that, and thank so many of the people who helped the site get to this point.

Obviously, this is hardly my milestone to celebrate...of the 1,000,000 readers that have visited the site, only about 60,000 have stopped by since I took over in November. With that said, congratulations and thanks are due to Jeff, who was at the helm for the first 940,000 readers before handing the reins to me.

But, of course, neither Jeff nor I run the site alone...we've both been very fortunate to have such great contributors. Battlekow, Roguejim, TheJay, John, Dixieflatline, anyone I may have missed, and everyone that's ever posted a FanPost, FanShot or a comment also deserves credit here. Regardless of how little or how much you write, you've all helped turn this site from a blog about a baseball team into the best Brewer conversation on the web.

And, finally, we never would have reached one million readers without...readers. There are dozens of Brewer blogs out there: thank you so much for choosing to read this one and becoming a part of this community. Hey, even if you got here by googling "cheap weird handled mugs" or "carl crawford dating," thanks for stopping by, I hope you found what you were looking for once you were done here.

So, to summarize, thanks to everyone who's helped us get here, and let's get to work on the next million!