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Brewers sign Chrixon!

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The Brewers just announced that they have signed [Trot Nixon], the 34-year-old outfielder to a minor league contract with an invitation to their spring training. It’s another low-risk move that could end up filling a roster spot with a left-handed hitter.

The Brewers also just announced they have signed centerfielder Chris Duffy, who has played with the Pirates. Duffy, 28, another left-handed hitter, also signed a minor league deal with an invite to big league camp.

Trot Nixon's stats are here.  Note the 5 straight years of declining OPS.  As late as 2006, though, he had an .800+ OPS against right-handed pitching.

Chris Duffy's stats are here.  In the minors, he's much much better at hitting LHP than RHP.

I think we have the makings of another platoon: Chrixon!