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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while thinking about how technology has changed Santa.

So we've got three new Brewers today. If you've been hanging around the site over the last 24 hours, you've probably seen the signings of both Chris Duffy and Trot Nixon, giving the Brewers two more outfielders for spring training. Yesterday, the Crew also signed reliever Brian Reith, who has spent the last two seasons playing independent ball after a few seasons roaming AAA in the Reds, Pirates and Phillies organizations. He last appeared in the big leagues in 2004, and will be 31 on Opening Day. It's hard to tell if Maury Brown of The Biz of Baseball knew about these signings when he predicted the Brewers would finish worse than they did in 2007 (I think he meant 2008).

Around the minors: Jonathan Mayo of is compiling past scouting reports as a way of looking back at the Rule 5 Draft. Click the link for the book on new Brewer Eduardo Morlan. Also, as of this writing Mat Gamel is up by 136 votes in the voting for #2 prospect in our Community Prospect Rankings. Voting for #3 will be posted at noon today.

The Brewers used 54 starting lineups last season, down from 82 in 2007. More lineup analysis than you could shake an spreadsheet at is available over at Right Field Bleachers.

CC Sabathia's New York press conference was yesterday, and that raised some angst in the FanShots, but nothing compared to the anger it caused over at Let's Go Tribe.

Two former Brewers on the hot stove: The Yankees are reportedly done pursuing Ben Sheets now that A.J. Burnett is in pinstripes. Derrick Turnbow, however, is the most intriguing reliever to post a 15.63 ERA last season, and is reportedly drawing interest from the Tigers, Rockies, Rays, Pirates, Marlins, Phillies and Giants.

Elsewhere on the hot stove:

Angels: Are reportedly close to re-signing Juan Rivera to a three year deal.
Astros: Signed Aaron Boone to a one year deal.
Braves: Have reportedly ended all negotiations with agent Arn Tellem following this week's debacle with Rafael Furcal.
Giants: Are supposedly working on a one year contract with Randy Johnson.
Mets: Are reportedly interested in lefty reliever Will Ohman.
Phillies: Have reportedly joined the Pirates in pursuit of Ray King.
Red Sox: Are reportedly saying they're out of the bidding for Mark Teixiera.
Reds: Are reportedly interested in Pat Burrell.
Rockies: Re-signed Glendon Rusch to a minor league deal.

Sometimes the offseason gets slow, and as a result reporters are forced to ask stupid questions to people who know nothing about the answer. Case in point: Ozzie Guillen: Financial Expert.

Oh, and if you like Woot, maybe you will also enjoy the clearance section at ThinkGeek?

A programming note: I'm leaving Sunday for a week away for Christmas in Wisconsin. As a result I won't be writing the Mug next week, but I've invited my co-conspirators around here to fill in as they see fit. The Community Prospect Rankings will also be on hold next week. All regular work will resume on Monday, December 29.

Drink up.