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Tuesday's Plastic Cup

Christmas week isn't usually jam-packed with baseball news, but nonetheless, we can still argue about which pitchers are going to complement Smokin' Jeff Suppan in the rotation next year.

And that's just what we're going to talk about.  Adam has a new mailbag up, almost all of which is about starting pitching.  FanGraphs focuses on Braden Looper, perhaps the next Brewer.

Amazin' Avenue looks at the big picture, cataloguing what's left on the starter market.  Between the Green Pillars suggests that the Brewers might do well if they wait out the market ... which is what just about everybody seems to be doing right now.  And speaking of waiting out the market, even if you don't care for Jason Kendall, this Beyond the Boxscore post reminds us just how dreadful most of the catcher alternatives are.

Amazingly, some pitchers work in relief, as well.  While "work" might be a bit of a stretch, one such player is Derrick Turnbow.  BtB also analyzes He of the Scraggly Bobblehead.

In a new Plastic Cup feature called "Large Market Times:"

  • The Yankees are paying more than $25MM in luxury tax for last year.  It's probably a cliche in the blogosphere already, but that's more than the Marlins opening-day payroll last season.
  • It looks like the Red Sox are about to come to an agreement with Mark Teixiera.  I would link you, but if you type random letters into your browser's URL bar, you'll probably see something about it.

Other BCB has turned historical this time of year, and takes a look at one of my favorite quirks of baseball history, the Cubs early 1960s "college of coaches."  Think what you will about the Cubs, but "Vedie Himsl" is one of the best baseball names ever.

Finally, if you need a last minute gift for that baseball analyst in your life, JC Bradbury is here to help.  But if you need a last minute gift for that ex-Brewers blogger in your life (I'm looking at you, Kirbir), I hasten to add that I've read everything on JC's list.