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Wednesday's Final Frosty Mug of 2008

Some things to read while wondering if blogging has given me a negative body image.

No transaction news again today, but Right Field Bleachers has the case for the Brewers signing Joe Crede. If signing Crede means returning Hall to his super-sub role, I'm for it.

As of this writing, Brett Lawrie leads Jonathan Lucroy by 53 votes in the race for prospect #5. He's also his hometown's biggest 2008 news story. Voting for prospect #6 will open at noon today. Voting for Langley's biggest news story of 2009 likely won't open until sometime next December.

Yes it is a slow news day, so I'm playing "Where are they now?" with Baseball America's minor league transactions. Some of these have been mentioned in the Mug previously, but if you knew all of them you may want to consider adding an offseason hobby:

  • Chad Moeller and David Krynzel are both Orioles now.
  • Laynce Nix is a Red.
  • Justin Lehr and Ozzie Chavez are Phillies.

Would you rather have Ben Sheets or Oliver Perez in your 2009 rotation? Amazin Avenue makes the case for Sheets, and so far 78% of voters agree.

Yesterday I mentioned the Pirates as one of the three "finalists" to acquire the services of Derrick Turnbow. The Marlins are also a finalist.

Elsewhere on the hot stove:

Cubs: Could be close to signing Milton Bradley.
D-Backs: Signed Chris Snyder to a three year extension worth 14.25 million.
Mets: Have reportedly offered Derek Lowe a 3 year deal worth $36 million. (Noted in FanShots)
Orioles: After losing out on Mark Teixiera, plan B may be Richie Sexson.
Rockies: Have reportedly reached a deal with the Cubs to acquire Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcaino.

So who will the Yankees overpay next offseason? Rob Neyer takes a look at pretty thin field of free agents, but predicts Matt Holliday will play left field for the Yankees in 2010.

That's all I've got for today. Drink up, and be safe.