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Friday's Frozen Mug

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It's a cold one out there in Milwaukee, so by all means, do whatever you can to try to keep warm.

CC Sabathia Sweepstakes

The Winter Meetings start today, which is like Christmastime in Rumorville, even if CC speculation is kind of mucking up the works.  While in Las Vegas, Doug Melvin is supposed to meet with CC's agent to get some sort of feedback on the Brewer's offer.  The Yankees' Brian Cashman is allegedly meeting with CC himself, also to try to get some sort of reaction to their offer.  Despite a lot of posturing from the Angels, Giants, Dodgers, and Pirates (heh), it seems only the Brewers and Yankees have officially made offers.  Really, I don't see how you can give Jeff Suppan 4 years but not 6 years to CC.

Jorge Julio

Fortunately, the Brewers didn't let the uncertainty about CC's status get in the way of signing, err, Jorge Julio.  It looks like Julio will make $950,000 in 2009, with possibly another $950,000 in incentives.  His stats are here.  The last time I thought of Jorge Julio, he was with Baltimore: amazingly, he's played on 7 teams in the last 4 seasons, 8 if you include the Brewers.  He throws hard, he doesn't cost much...I think we have a winner for this season's reclamation project.


Speaking of the Winter Meetings, the Brewers' site has a preview of the holes the Brewers are trying to fill.  It's a pretty good summary of the state of the Brewers.

As noted in the FanShots (a term that has a different connotation during hunting season --- no booing, or else!), opined on the top 50 prospects in baseball.  Given 50 prospects, you'd expect teams to have maybe one or two on the list; the Cream City Crushers have 3 1/2.  (I'm including Matt LaPorta as the half.)  Interestingly, they list Alcides Escobar ahead of LaPorta in their rankings and #8 overall.

Chuckie Hacks points out that although there was a lot of celebration when Ned Yost was dismissed, it might have been premature.

The Brew Tow Beat lists Wisconsin's 10 Most Fascinating Athletes, including many Brewers, a suspicious number of whom are no longer on the team.

The Brewers' Bar agrees: while Moustache waits for CC to turn us down, the FA SP market is starting to dwindle.

Hot Stove Report

SB Nation has its own little corner for Hot Stove goings-on

The Rockies seem interested in Twins' outfielder Delmon Young --- you remember, the guy picked ahead of that Weeks character in 2003.

The Phillies are trying to bring back Jamie Moyer.  That seems like a fine idea.

The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, and Rays all love themselves some Rocco Baldelli.  The same link confirms that JJ Putz could be had for teams looking for closers.

Astoundingly, there are a few teams after Jack Wilson.

The Dodgers need a shortstop.  The Brewers have Hardy, Escobar, and, most importantly, Bill E. Hall.  Make it happen, cap'n.

And finally, a way to get around the background checks and 7-day waiting periods.