BP's Brewer's Top 11 Prospects

Four-Star Prospects 1. Alcides Escobar, SS 2. Brett Lawrie, C 3. Mat Gamel, 3B 4. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP 5. Angel Salome, C Three-Star Prospects 6. Lorenzo Cain, CF 7. Jake Odorizzi, RHP 8. Jon Lucroy, C 9. Cutter Dykstra, CF Two-Star Prospects 10. Wily Peralta, RHP 11. Caleb Gindl, RF Just Missed: Evan Frederickson, LHP; Taylor Green, 3B; Seth Lintz, RHP Ranking Challenges: There is no true, classic top prospect in the system, but a set of five very good prospects that are hard to separate, as they all combine much to like with significant issues. The dropoff from the first five is sizeable, as the system's become rather mediocre quickly due to graduations and trades. There was nothing earth shattering in any of their comments. I'm a bit surprised on how high they were on players from the recent draft instead of current players like Taylor Green.