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Rumorville: Mike Lamb

According to the Hot Stove Blog on the network, the Brewers are trying to re-sign Mike Lamb:

The Brewers were closing in on a deal to re-sign free agent third baseman Mike Lamb on a busy Day 1 at the Winter Meetings.

Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin said that he planned to touch base later in the day with Lamb's agent, Sam Levinson, to continue discussions. Lamb, 33, finished the 2007 regular season with Milwaukee after he was released by the Twins five months into a two-year contract.

The article also points out that Moustache was the GM when Lamb was drafted in 1997 by (you guessed it) the Texas Rangers.

Lamb's stats are here. He is a career .757 OPS versus RHP, while Bill E. Hall has a career .847 OPS against lefties.

Although Lamb's numbers against righties could be better, I like the idea of a 3B platoon (though not everyone does).  Unfortunately, Bill Hall has shown no signs of being able to hit right-handed pitching; at least this way, you're not giving up an out each pass through the lineup.  (That's the real reason I'd like a signing like this: because for a relatively small expense, you prop up Bill Hall's value.)

Of course, Lamb wasn't the best option for RHP-hitting third basemen, but ewe take what ewe can get.