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Rumorville: Corey Hart's Hot Stove Blog is also reporting that the Braves are sniffing around Corey Hart, among others:

The Braves are still looking at a number of power-hitting outfielders that they could land via trade. Three of the players currently on their radar are Rick Ankiel, Corey Hart and Jeremy Hermida.


The Braves likely wouldn't have to give up as much to get Ankiel as they would to land Hart, who will be arbitration-eligible for the next three seasons.  There have been whispers that the Brewers may choose to trade Hart to slash some money from the payroll.

According to Rotoworld, the Braves have minor-league OF Gorkys Hernandez and young (but underachieving, at least so far) starting pitchers Jo-Jo Reyes and Charlie Morton to offer.  Rambling Al recommends Kelly Johnson, who bats left-handed and is good with OBP, two things the Brewers lineup is sorely lacking.  Of course, he plays second base, a position already taken, though he played left field in 2005.