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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while trying out new adventures with cheese.

Easily the biggest news of the day: the JS, USA Today and The Official Site are all reporting that the Brewers are still in the hunt for CC Sabathia following a recent meeting with his representatives. Two-Fisted Slopper likes the deal if it has an opt-out clause, and UmpBump thinks the Brewers need to go all in. Meanwhile, there's varying reports on whether or not Sabathia said he wants to be a Dodger and the likelihood he'll get an offer from the Giants.

Meanwhile, Ben Sheets is in Vegas looking for work as well. He's already met with the Yankees and Rangers. Rumor has it the Yankees are ready to offer him a two-year deal, but the Rangers are still trying to figure out if they can afford him.

Yesterday I noted that the Brewers had been mentioned as a team that might be interested in trading for Adrian Beltre, and I said there were worse options out there. One of those options is giving significant playing time to Mike Lamb, who re-signed yesterday. Ken Rosenthal speculated that the Brewers may be willing to trade Bill Hall now that Lamb is back, but Hall is one of Sabathia's 1000 best friends.

If you're curious how Hall moves to his left defensively, or really how any major leaguer moves in any direction in pursuit of any type of hit, Baseball Musings has uploaded defensive charts for the 2008 season.

On prospects: Baseball Prospectus has ranked their top 11 Brewer prospects, with Alcides Escobar coming in at #1. Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal says the Brewers are not willing to trade Escobar for available closers Bobby Jenks or J.J. Putz.

FanFoodie is a new blog devoted to profiling and uncovering the secrets of great ballpark food. Be sure to check out their story on Secret Stadium Sauce.

Even on minimal sleep, I can see the transition from Secret Stadium Sauce to the Hot Stove...

Blue Jays: Could be in the group of teams looking to sign Rafael Furcal.
Cardinals: Were not in the group of teams looking to sign A.J. Burnett after all.
Dodgers: Have signed Mark Loretta and may be close to re-signing Casey Blake. Also may consider non-tendering Takashi Saito amidst lingering concerns about his elbow.
Giants: Reportedly offered Derrick Turnbow a minor league deal, but he's looking for something guaranteed.
Mariners: Signed Chris Shelton to a minor league deal.
Mets: Are reportedly close to signing Francisco Rodriguez to a three year deal.
Tigers: Signed Adam Everett to a one year, $1 million deal. May also be interested in trading for J.J. Putz.

I'm no fan of Scott Boras, but I don't think this one is his fault: Corey Patterson has dumped Boras and picked out new representation. I'm sure that's what was keeping the .205/.238/.344 hitting outfielder from getting work.

Also, remember Matt Childers? Yes, TheJay, I know you do...anyone else? Beerleaguer is reporting the former Brewer, who spent 2008 in the Phillies organization, is headed to Japan.

Oh, and today is a Woot-off day. This could be your last chance to buy cheap electronic junk before Christmas. Shop accordingly.

Drink up.