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MiLB Top 50 Prospects


42. Alcides Escobar
43. Jeremy Jeffress
I don't get why Alcides Escobar is considered such a good prospect.
Yet another infield prospect is making his way up the Brewers ladder. Escobar has excellent speed and is a tremendous defensive shortstop with a strong plus arm and superb range. His bat has begun to catch up to his glove as he develops into a pretty good contact hitter who uses his speed to his advantage. He has the ability to steal bases, but still needs to learn the nuances of that craft.
He's young, but so what? He slugged .366 last year and walked 18 times in 494 at-bats. He was 22-35 in stolen bases last year. Hooray defense and singles; he just doesn't scream top-50 prospect to me.