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Sucks to be Kevin Mench

I wonder if, at any point other than the time that Kevin Mench came to Milwaukee in the Carlos Lee deal, he actually had trade value.  Sure, he was always in trade rumors, for years before he came to Milwaukee, and more or less continuously after he arrived.

But now that he has hit the open market (granted, not at the peak of his career, or at least the peak of what he's done so far), we know what teams really think of him.

He signed with the Rangers (it's a Doug Melvin round trip!) on a minor league deal.

A minor league deal!  That means he'll be competing with Nelson Cruz (remember him?) for a bench job.  

Now that Podsednik and Mench are off the market and it looks like Damian Miller is headed for retirement, there aren't many veteran Brewers to keep an eye on.  I suppose someone could sign Tony Graffanino to a minor league deal and supervise his rehab, but...well...I'd rather count down the seconds to pitchers and catchers reporting that go on full-time Graffy watch.