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Community Projections 2008: Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder enters his 4th season in the majors. This is his final year of minimum wage baseball. At just 24 years old he is one of the premiere sluggers in the game. Last season he posted his best line yet of .288/.395/.618 and blasted 50 homeruns. This was good enough to get him 3rd place in the NL MVP voting.

Community Projection
We'll go through the 8 position players in order around the diamond, perhaps a couple of bench players and then starting rotation. Every few days we'll look at a new player. I'll tally up the results. Use any methods you want to make projections, but please submit them in the comments to the appropriate projection thread as a single line of comma separated values. For the hitters we're going to project pa,ab,h,1b,2b,3b,hr,bb,avg,obp,slg,ops. So, with the player's name first, here's what your projection should look like.

For Example:
NLAverageHitter,650,585,153,102,31,3,17,65,.262,.335,.412,.747 You are, of course, free and welcome to submit any projections you want in any format and I'll try to accomodate them.

I've created a player projection tool to help you create a projection. Simply fill out the values for Plate Appearances (pa), Singles (1b), Doubles (2b), Triples (3b), Homeruns (hr), and Walks (bb) and the rest will be calculated for you and outputted below in a comma separated string perfectly formatted for submission. Simply copy and paste that line to a comment.

Voting is still open for Jason Kendall