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My favorite part of February and March is watching the Triple-A vets and near-retirees find minor league contracts.

But not every minor league contract is created equal...the Brewers have brought back Russell Branyan!

Like many players from the Brewers teams of a few years ago, he probably doesn't have what it takes to make the roster, but even if we only get a couple weeks of him whiffing and hitting a couple of light-tower shots to mix things up, I'll take it.

For those of you who are confused by my headline, Branyan's nickname in certain crowds is "TTO," which stands for Three True Outcomes.  The three true outcomes are strikeouts, walks, and home runs--that is, the events that don't involve fielders at all.  Adam Dunn is a more prominent TTO guy, and Gorman Thomas is a good example from Brewers history, but Russell will always be first in our hearts.

Update [2008-2-21 17:7:38 by Jeff]: Tomo Ohka's signed, too...but thankfully not by us.