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Monday's Frosty Mug

Good morning Brewer fans, and welcome to the Frosty Mug.

Before I get started, I want to thank Jeff for giving me a shot here on the main page. If you're not familiar with the Mug, I try to post most mornings with a quick recap of blog posts and stories that caught my eye from around the web.

Let's start with Oscar jokes, to get them out of the way:

Roch Kubatko writes for the Baltimore Sun and is one of my favorite non-Brewer bloggers. This morning he has an idea for a new movie about a team that dumps all its veterans and goes into complete rebuilding mode: "No Clubhouse for Old Men."

A Citizen's Blog is Philly-based, and has a couple more team related suggestions: No Closer for Old Men and There Will be Surgery.

It's a little late, I know, but I wish we could add this short film by Matt from DRays Bay to the nominees for best picture. I also really wish someone would remake that video with the footage of Prince's inside the park home run.

Other Brewer notes:

Derrick Turnbow comes into spring training with unrealistic goals, shown by this quote:

Turnbow said he will be more vocal in 2008 about when he needs a break.

"With the amount of guys we have and the experience we have, I need to just be able to say, 'I need a day,'" Turnbow said. "I have to avoid those stretches where I'm up four out of five days or seven out of 10. If I can avoid those situations, I'll be fine."

That's great in concept, but Turnbow's a competitor. He's never going to say "I don't want the ball." He's more likely to say "I throw the banana."

The Brewers sold 98,000 tickets Saturday, including some to fans who have been camped out since Tuesday. If you've been camped out since Tuesday, you may need to catch up on some baseball news, so here are the Frosty Mugs for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday. Of course, if you've been outside since Tuesday, you may not want to touch anything frosty.

The Orioles, Tigers, and others have released their spring training rotations. Anyone know when the Brewers will do the same?

Maybe they're too busy working on fundamentals. I've already seen five photos suggesting they could use some work. Mike Cameron, though, appears to need something more challenging.

On to the injury report:

Rangers starter Kevin Millwood has "tweaked" his hamstring and will likely miss his first exhibition start. I guess he should lay off the coffee.

Phillies closer Brad Lidge, who injured his knee throwing BP, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and is out 3-6 weeks.

Lance Berkman and Brandon Backe are both on the shelf for the Astros, although both appear to have minor injuries that have nothing to do with sliding glass doors.

Moving on, courtesy of Royals blog In Dayton We Trust, here's the best analogy on bunting I've ever heard:

"Bunting is one of the easiest things that you can do in baseball," says the guy in this video. I'm pretty sure this is, if not incorrect, a silly thing to say, because the process of rerouting a projectile traveling upwards of 90 mph should never, ever, under any circumstances be described as easy. Saying bunting is "one of the easiest things to do in baseball" is kind of like saying gargling is the easiest part of gargling motor oil..."

And again, if you've managed to make it through all of today's reads, odds are you've got some time on your hands and could use a job. Today's offer comes from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

That's all for today. Drink up.