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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

A somewhat smaller Frosty Mug this morning, but most of you likely have to work today, so it's probably a good thing.

Jihad already noted in the diaries that Deadspin has a Brewers season preview up. Beyond the Box Score has one as well, with fewer expletives.

If you're a stathead, or just a believer that statistics can be used to provide non-objective evidence, Jon Heyman has a new derogatory term for you.

Halos Heaven notes that the Angels have 12 former first round picks in their organization. Anyone want to do the math and figure out how many the Brewers have?

Interesting video from the Seattle Times Mariners Blog on a bunting contest in Mariners camp. The second contestant in this installment: Richie Sexson. He gets 30 pitches to bunt at. I'm guessing Richie Sexson won't bunt 30 times in games for the rest of his career. Here's another question for the commenters, though. Watch the video. How many Brewers could successfully do what they're trying to do?

Crawfish Boxes consulted an expert for insight on Brandon Backe's durability this season. It's a creative idea, but I'd rather consult these experts.

Further evidence that baseball's policies on player movement could use some work: The SF Gate A's blog notes that, while Shannon Stewart had to practically beg for a minor league contract, and the A's obviously didn't want him back, they'll still get a draft pick if he makes the Blue Jays roster.

On a somewhat related subject (overcomplicated salary and roster rules), True Blue LA has a post about Ryan Howard's arbitration win and how it impacts their top young player headed to arbitration, Russell Martin. Other teams you might have heard of have a player in this situation, too.

Finally, an injury note. First, Mark DeRosa was hospitalized, then he was fine, now he's going back to Chicago for a possible surgery. It's outpatient surgery, but is there ever really a minor heart surgery?

That's all for today. Drink up.