"I am not a Klingon!" - Jamie in LA's McClung Report!

I talked to Seth and told him that i was a regular poster on brewcrewball.  he said that he was aware of the site; and that he wanted to say that he loves being a brewer and is very happy to be with the organization.  

He was very nice and said that he wanted to tell everyone that he is a "real person with feelings." and not a klingon (who has no feelings).

He said that some of the criticism has been tough on his family; but it has mostly been from his times in tampa.  

i asked him if i could quote him on "i am not a klingon." and he said i could.  

seth is a really nice guy.  he chatted with me for a few minutes; and seemed very excited about the season; and his place in the brewer organization.

i told him that there was nothing but love; and that we think he is awesome; unlike some of the other players.  he posed for a pic with me that i think is pretty cool.

i am sorry that it took a bit to post; as i have been running around a lot...

jamie in la!