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Friday's Frosty Mug

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It's time to drift off into the weekend with a Frosty Mug.

If you missed any of yesterday's games, Baseball Digest Daily has the roundup.

Despite Bill Hall being injured and then not injured, the Brewers had a pretty good day yesterday, and that apparently qualified for congratulations all around.

This morning, Jeremy Jeffress admits to going to rehab. The Rays, though, have found an interesting way around drug suspensions. James Houser, a minor league pitcher in their system, had his 50-game suspension voided when he was moved to the 40-man roster. So if Jeffress had been invited to big league camp, would he be out from under the suspension?

The Yahoo Sports Blog found a youtube video of some Brewer fans camped out for tickets.

If you're an ESPN Insider subscriber (I'm not), and you're interested in reading more about Gabe Kapler (0-for-2 for me), Peter Gammons' most recent blog is about him.

Presented without comment because stupidity makes me furious sometimes: Buster Olney predicts the Yankees as a "surprise" team in the AL, and the Brewers as a "long shot" in the NL.

But, on a positive TV note, TBS has announced their first few Sunday games of the year, and the Brewers/Red Sox game in May is one of them.

Injury reports in one line or less, today even alphabetical!

Dodgers P Chad Billingsley missed his scheduled start yesterday with "a tight left groin." If it lasts more than 4 hours...etc.
Mark DeRosa's heart surgery was successful and he'll be back in camp next week.
Johnny Estrada is recovering slower than expected from surgeries and may not be ready for opening day. Shocking.
Pirates P Tom Gorzelanny will miss his scheduled start with shoulder issues.
Marlins 3B Dallas McPherson will miss a few days with "discomfort in his side."
Marlins P Sergio Mitre left yesterday's game after facing three batters, citing a sore elbow.
Jerry Owens' "tweaked" groin has recovered and he'll be back in the lineup today.
Cardinals P Joel Piniero will miss his start Sunday with arm stiffness.
Mets P Duaner Sanchez missed a scheduled appearance with "soreness."

MLB's new rules about reproduction of video have really put a cramp in the style of Geoff Baker, whose daily "Sights and Sounds" features from Mariners camp will be significantly shorter now.

Baseball Time in Arlington notes that Kevin Mench has gone from a likely insurance policy in AAA to a fifth outfielder candidate for the Rangers in the first week of camp.

A major difference between spring training in Arizona and Florida: in Florida, you have long road trips, and sometimes the veterans don't go. A story like that one comes up every spring in Florida. It's rarely seen in Arizona.

Here's some food for thought: Josh Byrnes of the Diamondbacks says it's easier to build a team in a pitcher's park. I was dubious until they noted that some of baseball's most historic losers (Cubs, Red Sox) play in hitters parks.

Speaking of the Cubs, Sam Zell needs to hurry up and sell them already before he gets run out of town.

But, even if he sells the naming rights to Wrigley Field, you can still use this useful tool to block out the knowledge.

I think you've had enough for today. Drink up.