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John Sickels Harts Corey

See what I did there?

Anyway, Sickels is a big fan and chimes in with a recap of Hart's minor league career and a comparison of how different projection systems see the Hit Man (click here for BCB's own community projection).

While I don't think he will ever be a walk machine, he doesn't need to be. He doesn't strike out that much for a guy with power, and I like his multi-skills. When Hart was just starting out he was compared to Richie Sexson due to his size and wingspan. I don't think Hart will produce the kind of home run power Sexson did at his peak, but Hart is faster and move valuable defensively, and he does have some untapped power upside. It's also possible he could stay where he is right now in the power department but add some additional batting average instead. Either way, I think Hart still has room for improvement, and given the fact that he's already very good as it is, he could end up having some outstanding seasons heading forward.


Basically there is nothing not to like here. If Hart merely stays where he is right now, he'll be a very good player. If he improves in some way, boosting additional power, or adding more batting average and OBP, or both, he's a legitimate star.

2008 Projections:

Shandler: .282/.334/.520
James: .297/.357/.534
ZIPS: .289/.353/.518
Weighted Mean PECOTA: .288/.358/.527
[Sickels]: .305/.362/.510