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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Today: 161 ounces! But, it's still going to be short...there's just not much out there today.

Corey Hart, though, is getting all kinds of love today. First, there was the Minor League Ball piece mentioned below. Then, Baseball Digest Daily did a profile of him as well.

We're also starting to see a small movement develop for Manny Parra. As it should.

A different kind of movement is pending for Lou Palmisano. He will have knee surgery and be out about 3 months.

No Bias Baseball has a preview of the NL Central. They put the Brewers in second place, just like everyone else who gets it wrong.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Josh Beckett's back appears to be getting worse, not better.
Carlos Beltran is trying to play but can't run.
Lance Berkman left a game early for the second time this spring with leg stiffness.
Royals P Jimmy Gobble had to have a cactus thorn removed from his big toe.
Astros P Felipe Paulino is headed back to Houston to get some arm soreness checked out.
Felix Pie had his testicle untwisted and should be back in 3-5 days.
Tigers P Jordan Tata was bitten by THE SPAZZOSAURUS!

The Yankees have signed Billy Crystal, and he's going to play against the Pirates Thursday. Yes, I'm serious. Of course, since there's a serious "integrity of the game" question here, the Commissioner had to approve it. And he did. I'd call it a joke, but jokes are funny. This isn't.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings has offered to save Major League Baseball $14 million annually by taking Bud Selig's job, and only taking a $1 million salary. I'd do it for $800,000. And I'd keep comedy acts out of the box score.

Another reason to be optimistic for the Rangers this season: Their ball girl tryouts discovered much more talent than last year.

The Giants will be terrible, but they want you to know they're gamers. The comments on that post are great.

Greener on the Other Side says Tony LaRussa has "come to his senses" and will bat his pitcher 9th this season. Apparently squelching innovation and ignoring statistical evidence are favorite pastimes of bloggers on two continents.

Yesterday I noted that three former Brewers appeared on a list of worst pitchers by WHIP in MLB history. Today, Recondite Baseball has a list of pitchers who gave up the most hits per nine innings. Two different former Brewers appear on that list. And it raises an interesting question: How terrible could a rotation of Jimmy Haynes, Jamey Wright, Jason Bere, Glendon Rusch and Scott Karl been?

I like college basketball, but I like this tournament of minor league mascots more.

And finally, here's a cheap plug for my own over/under prediction contest. Go play!

Drink up. And watch out for THE SPAZZOSAURUS!