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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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We're up to 163 ounces, but sadly, I was only able to pull 29 links out of them today. Here you go:

Baseball Digest Daily, after a one-day hiatus, is back with recaps of all of yesterday's games.

Tom H. repeats the same refrain he's been singing since November: "The Brewers are going to trade a pitcher soon...right?"

On the buyer front, it looks like the market is growing in Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

Let's do NL Central/Brewer previews in a list, because I don't have much to say about them:

BrewersNation puts the Brewers in first place.
Bucs Dugout puts them in second, but has high optimism.
Tom Tango has the CHONE, PECOTA and CAIRO predictions in one place. The Brewers take first in one of those.

In-Between Hops has a nice post up on Mike Cameron. He misses one obvious question, though: Mike Cameron is a professional baseball player, with access to all the training staff and other help that comes with it. Even if he wasn't, he's a millionaire many times over. Why, with all the resources available to him, is he grabbing energy drinks and the like at a gas station?

Batting Kendall 9th is once again a hot topic around the web this morning. On the Atlanta Journal Constitution blog, Bobby Cox had this to say about it:

Someone mentioned to Cox that his former third-base coach, Brewers manager Ned Yost, was talking about batting a good-hitting pitcher eighth in the order, like the Cards' La Russa has done on occasion.

"[Bleeping] Ned, he got into the stats - look out," said Cox, who loves Yost, but isn't quite on the same page as the younger manager when it comes to innovative use of stats.

Don't expect Cox to bat a pitcher eighth anytime soon. "Might cost you more games than it helps," he said.

Greener on the Other Side also takes an opportunity to devolve into hyperbole in the subject.

Michael Hunt is criticizing Fielder today for recycling, eating vegetarian and wanting to get paid. I have two problems with this. First, we could all recycle a little more, and even Major League Baseball realizes it. And second, Fielder stayed in Tuesday's game after he was supposed to come out, because he wanted another AB to work on his swing. Seems like he's doing everything he can to get ready for the season, and if that's the case, I could care less if he paints the locker room pink.

The Yahoo Sports blog reminds us that the Fielder/Braun batting order debate is a nice problem to have.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Josh Beckett's bad back will likely keep him off the plane to Japan.
Johnny Damon is day to day after fouling a ball off his foot. X-Rays and MRI were negative.
Brad Hawpe is going to be out for a few days with a sore elbow.
Rangers P Vicente Padilla left yesterday's game with "something high on his left buttock" but won't miss time.
Tigers OF Marcus Thames was scratched from yesterday's game with a sore pec.
Ryan Zimmerman left yesterday's Nats game with right hip flexor soreness.

Sam Mellinger, beat writer for the Royals, says exactly what I was thinking about Billy Crystal:
Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Billy Crystal playing for the Yankees is absurd. I don't find Crystal very funny, and get sick of his hey-look-at-me-I'm-a-Yankees-fan! shtick, so maybe I'm biased here, but I hope he takes the first pitch he sees in the ribs.

Babes Love Baseball compares this to Garth Brooks' spring training appearances, but it's not that. Garth Brooks was, at the very least, in the physical shape necessary to compete at that level. Billy Crystal turns 60 this week.

Speaking of unappreciated comedy, I saw this commercial featuring a Harry Caray impersonator several times during Monday's game and had no problem with it, but apparently it's drawing howls of protest in Chicago.

We're the 2008 Twins: If we didn't have Joe Mauer, would you have any reason to care?

Ichiro is 0-for-21 now. It's becoming news.

Finally, Nelson Cruz hit a walkoff home run for the Rangers yesterday. Good for him.

That's all for today. Drink up.