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Friday's Frosty Mug

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All right, I'm back. I knocked a blog off the reading list yesterday, so here's two days worth from the 165-ouncer:

Here are Baseball Digest Daily's game recaps from Wednesday and yesterday, to get us started.

In-Between Hops notes that Ryan Braun projects in the top three in each Triple Crown category. That's pretty impressive for a guy entering his first full season.

Base stealing has been the theme for a couple of days now over at Recondite Baseball. First, note that Jason Kendall needs 15 stolen bases to move into second place all-time among catchers. Also, with 30 career stolen bases, Corey Hart ranks fifth all-time among players 6'6" or taller. Can he pick up 193 more stolen bases to pass Dave Winfield for first all time? Stay tuned for the Hart-pounding conclusion!

Also, here's what Corey Hart could look like if he was reflected in your sunglasses. I feel like someone should tell him to take the blue pill.

If you'd like to know more about the statistics consistently used to evaluate hitters in conversations that may otherwise pass over your head, Fan Graphs has a great new series for you: Get to know a stat. The first three installments are K/9, WPA, and BRAA. I like this way better than the JS recurring series, Get to know a utility infielder who won't make the team. Here's a picture of Nunez making an error, also.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Rays P Brian Anderson's career is over after injuring his twice Tommy John-ed elbow.
Twins P Scott Baker has been shut down for a week due to back problems.
Rocco Baldelli's career is on hold indefinitely as he battles chronic fatigue.
Carlos Beltran continues to rehab but still isn't ready for 9 innings in the field.
Twins P Jesse Crain took a line drive off the knee but no X-Rays were required.
Juan Gonzalez has a minor abdominal strain and has missed some time in Cards' camp.
Mark Grudzielanek is headed back to KC to get his aching back checked out.
Rangers P Eddie Guardado is out a week or so with strained knee ligaments.
Orlando Hernandez, bothered by a bunion, is looking for a new way to throw the banana.
Cardinals P Tyler Johnson still has shoulder discomfort and will miss at least another week.
Orioles P Adam Loewen will be scratched from his start today with shoulder soreness.
Greg Maddux took a line drive off the thigh yesterday, but sounds like he'll be ok.
Marlins P Sergio Mitre does not need surgery but won't pitch until at least May with nerve inflammation.
Astros P Felipe Paulino will be out at least a month with a pinched nerve in his shoulder.
Andy Pettitte missed his start Wednesday with elbow inflammation.
Tigers P Fernando Rodney continues to rehab but will likely not be ready for opening day.
Mets C Brian Schneider will be out for a few more days with a strained hamstring.

Today, two NL Central rivals show us that our lineup debates really aren't that bad. First, the Cubs are batting Soriano second and Fukudome fifth. Also, Carlos Lee is upset about having to bat fifth.

I'm more than open to doing the occasional audio gig, but here's why bloggers shouldn't video podcast: Live, from what looks like mom's basement, here's Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors.

Kyle Lohse's deal with the Cardinals is worth $4.25 million. I'll say it again: At that price, or even slightly higher, there are 25 teams he could have helped.

Ichiro got a hit yesterday. I can exhale now.

Royals writer Sam Mellinger is one of the better beat writer/bloggers I've seen. Today, he uncovers this nugget on spring training records:

Of the teams with the ten best exhibition records last year, only the Angels, Red Sox, and D-Backs made the playoffs. The Tigers had the best overall exhibition record. Then again, of the teams with the ten worst exhibition records, only the Phillies made the playoffs, and only three others --- Mets, Mariners and Brewers --- had winning records.

ESPN's spring training blog, on top of being a primary source for injury reports, also occasionally drops an interesting note. Today, they report that the Red Sox sent Dan Kolb to minor league camp.

And while I'm on the topic of former Brewers, Athletics Nation is pretty excited about Dana Eveland.

Bugs and Cranks has made a list of fitting final events for all 30 major league stadiums. I want something better than Oktoberfest at Miller Park. October baseball, perhaps.

Geoff Young of Ducksnorts fame has a post up on how to quit your job and write a book. It's interesting, but slightly different from my model:

1. Write daily link post for Brewer blog.
2. Gradually expand reading list and daily content.
3. Accidentally write link posts long enough to be bound in hardcover.

I'm on pace to be there in a few weeks.

The Reds are behind the curve in giving media credentials to bloggers. Has anyone from the blog community tried to get media credentials for the Brewers? I live too far away to make use of it, but it seems like someone could.

Finally, further proof that, if you try hard enough and dedicate yourself, you too can own the opportunity to express completely unqualified opinions: I'm representing BCB as a voter in Baseball Happenings' weekly blogpoll. I'll probably look for a way to make it a community thing and less of a monument to my own sense of self-importance.

Drink up. I'm off tomorrow, but back Sunday or Monday.