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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

It's a short one today, not much news out there.

It appears the decision on Chris Capuano could come down to DL or AAA. He hasn't pitched well enough to make the rotation if healthy, and the bullpen is plenty full, even if there are 13 pitchers on the team.

Sliding headfirst works sometimes, but in spring training? Ask Rickie Weeks how it worked out for him.

A Citizen's Blog predicts the NL...and gets it wrong. Ok, it's a short mug today anyway, so I've got some time to get on my soapbox:

The 2008 Chicago Cubs' biggest offseason acquisition has never played a major league game. Their closer is only slightly more likely to pitch a full major league season than I am. Carlos Zambrano hasn't taken any anger management classes that I'm aware of and the franchise's winning history ended 100 years ago. If this doesn't sound like an inevitable division winner, it's because they're not. And admittedly, I'm grumpy today, but I'm getting sick of watching people call them the heir apparent. Moving on.

Baseball Analysts has a nice article and chart up, showing how pitchers ranked in ground ball percentage and strikeout percentage. It's more likely to confirm what you thought you knew than teach you something new, but it's still an interesting read.

Rays Anatomy suggests that the Rays might be interested in trading for Gabe Gross. I still think Gross could be an effective everyday player, and the Brewers probably would give him up for mid-level prospects, so it makes sense.

Even the injury reports are short today:

Kris Benson is battling arm soreness and won't pitch tomorrow.
Astros 2B Kaz Matsui might be the first person ever on the DL with hemorrhoids.
Jose Valentin has a pinched nerve in his neck and could retire. Or not.

Fan Graphs "Get to know a stat" for today is the Leverage Index.

That's all I've got for today. Drink up.