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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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The Brewers may be off today, but the Mug is not. Enjoy.

The JS "Young Guy Hopes to Make the Team" series has been replaced by "Here's a guy who won't make the team." Today: Chris Narveson.

Three more predictions on the web today, two of which will be wrong:

Braves Journal has the Brewers third, behind the Cardinals.
Chop-n-Change has the Brewers in second.
Squawking Baseball has the Brewers winning more than 84.5 games.

I don't usually post on fantasy baseball, but The Hardball Times' latest fantasy mailbag includes mentions of Braun and Parra.

Batting the pitcher 8th continues to spur conversation. Today, at Bird Land, Derrick Goold posts Tony LaRussa's defense of it.

Remember yesterday's Baseball Analysts link, with the chart of starting pitchers listed by their ground ball % and K %? Here's part two: relief pitchers.

Only one injury to report today, but it's still alphabetical and in one line or less:

Marlins C Mike Rabelo has a sprained left leg.

This video, though, is an injury waiting to happen: Jim Caple tries to catch R.A. Dickey's knuckleball.

Via Baseball Musings, I learned that Rangers P C.J. Wilson is working on throwing a gyroball.

Environmentalists across the country (including the newest one, one Prince Fielder), should be happy to see this: the Nationals and Pirates are both taking steps to go green at the ballpark.

The Mets have reportedly changed direction and will not trade for someone to play left field in place of Moises Alou, who is out until May. One of the candidates to replace him is Brady Clark. If Brady Clark and Scott Podsednik both make teams out of spring training, I'm going to fall out of my chair.

Finally, file this one under "ask and you shall receive." I asked TheJay over at Recondite Baseball to finish the trifecta and post the career leaderboard in BB/9, figuring at least a couple of the former Brewers who had already shown up (Karl, Wright, Haynes, Rusch and Bere) would appear again. Surprisingly, they didn't.

CORRECTION: Bere did. More coffee please!

That's all for today. Drink up.