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Thursday's Frosty Mug

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All right, let's make this quick, I really need to get some work done before the tourney starts and I discover that my fiancee, who randomly selected her brackets, is going to beat me in the pool.

I'm confused: The JS has spent the last two weeks on stories about players who won't be in Milwaukee in did a Mota feature sneak through?

MLB Trade Rumors says the Marlins are looking for starting pitching, and lists two of our pitchers as potential targets.

Braves Journal has random predictions today. They predict that Ned Yost will be the first manager fired (I'm ok with that), and that the Cubs will win the division, by 12 games, with 87 wins.

I don't know if that was written before or after Kerry Wood imploded.

The rest of the injury reports, alphabetical and in one line or less:

White Sox P Jose Contreras was scratched from his start yesterday with the flu.
White Sox 3B Josh Fields will miss a day or two after being hit with a pitch in an undisclosed location.
Nomar Garciaparra has a microfracture in his right hand and his return date is uncertain.
Ichiro needs to watch out for zombies.
Scott Linebrink is out until at least Saturday with recurring back pain. 4 years, $19 million.
Justin Morneau is day-to-day with a great disturbance in the force.
White Sox 2B Danny Richar also underwent an MRI for recurring back pain.
Cardinals 2B Brendan Ryan is missing time with a strained intercostal muscle.

The Japanese Leagues are working on speeding up the game to prevent global warming. In other news, Claudio Vargas will never be allowed to pitch in Japan.

Fan Graphs' "Get to know a stat" is WPA/LI. I'm pretty sure I still don't understand it.

That's all for today. The jokes are in the injury report, if you missed them.

Drink up. And go Badgers!