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A Rare Saturday Frosty Mug

So this is the 5th of 7 straight weekends on the road for me, but I'm home on Saturday morning, so here's a Frosty Mug:

The Yahoo Sports Blog rated Maryvale as their favorite spring training location yesterday, and have a wealth of pictures and park-related notes to go with it.

While they were there, they also traded vegetarian recipes with Prince Fielder.

Vinny Rottino: #1 catcher someday? It's an interesting possibility.

On the field, the day in pictures:

Fist pounds all around!
These are the kinds of defensive pictures I like to see.

The Baseball Analysts decided to ignore all the other bloggers in the NL Central and just invite a Cubs fan to help them preview the division. Shockingly, they predict a Cub win.

Manny Parra made Jayson Stark's list of eye-popping spring players.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Reds P Matt Belisle has tightness in his forearm and his return date is unknown.
Adrian Beltre has been playing with a torn ligament in his thumb since June, and will continue to do so.
Mets C Robinson Cancel will have knee surgery, leaving the door open for Raul Casanova to make the Mets.
Marlins OF Jeremy Hermida may miss opening day with a sore hamstring.
Kevin Millar needed stitches on his pinky finger after being hit by a pitch, but should be ok.
John Smoltz has been scratched from his start with shoulder soreness.

A's Nation wants to know who's staying up to watch the A's open their season in Japan (at 3 AM west coast time). How many of you would stay up for it? That's the new poll on your right.

Bugs and Cranks is running a season preview WhatIfSports league, and the Brewers are a division the AL. There's not many '08 Brewers on their roster.

Lou Pinella isn't done trying out crazy ideas for the Cubs lineup, although batting Fukudome leadoff could work.

Two interesting stat notes this morning:

Beyond the Box Score looks at TB/IP as an alternative to WHIP, and finds some interesting results.
New favorite read Saber-Scouting looks at AB/BB and their relationship to league difficulty.

Finally, DRaysBay has a Matt Garza wallpaper. I'm not particularly interested in that, but if someone made a Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Carlos Villanueva, or even a Seth McClung, I'd certainly use it. Hint, hint.

Drink up. I'm off for Easter but back Monday.