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Monday's Frosty Mug

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get up early to watch the 2008 season open in Japan tomorrow, but if I do, tomorrow's Mug will likely be early.

Today's 176-ouncer, though, is right on time.

Halos Heaven notes that has reworked the banners of all 30 MLB teams. The Brewers redesign features a panoramic view of Miller Park that really should have sausages running across it.

For once, I like the direction we're headed with most of the roster decisions that still need to be made. I'm not happy with Villanueva in AAA, but can live with the rest of them.

Beyond the Box Score seems to think Turnbow's struggles the last few years are related to him being baseball's unluckiest pitcher. I haven't done a statistical study on it, but I'm pretty sure breaking down and giving up hits and walks in bunches on bad days isn't related to luck.

Not that long ago, I was worried about Weeks' hand, Braun's achilles, and also happened to note that J.J. Hardy was suffering from the flu. Turns out, the flu is the most serious, and could keep Hardy out past opening day.

I try not to get too excited about prospects, but if we go a week or two without Hardy in the lineup, I am excited to see how many web gems Alcides Escobar could turn in with an everyday job.

More predictions:

Athletics Nation has the Brewers finishing second.
Seamheads says the Cubs and Brewers should run away from the pack in the Central, but doesn't pick a winner.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Eric Chavez's rehab from back surgery is not going well. He was shut down Saturday and will be out indefinitely.
Cubs P Scott Eyre could be out past Opening Day with elbow soreness.
Curtis Granderson has a broken finger and will miss Opening Day.
Sidney Ponson's latest setback, a mild ankle strain, was enough for the Rangers to send him to minor league camp.
Nats P Tim Redding has back spasms but is expected to make his first start April 2.
Scott Rolen has a broken middle finger and will be out at least 2 weeks.
Freddy Sanchez's surgically repaired right shoulder is not holding up and will force him to start 2008 on the DL.
Richie Sexson has bursitis in his shoulder but he's playing through it.
John Smoltz will likely start the season on the DL with a sore shoulder but should bounce back quickly.
Red Sox P Mike Timlin was hit by a comebacker and needed stitches on his pitching hand. He'll likely miss the Japan series.

Saber-Scouting is only a few days old but has already published some great stuff, including this post from yesterday on a new pitching stat they're developing: Pitches Toward Outs. I think it has potential.

Finally, one former Brewer note: Jason Botts has gotten hot in Rangers camp, and that could mean Kevin Mench is headed to AAA and Nelson Cruz will be designated for assignment.

Drink up.