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One week and counting!

I remember as a kid waking up at 4am on Christmas Day.  It was too early to wake my parents up, so I'd wait impatiently with whichever of my 3 siblings were awake as well.  The around 5am, we'd start milling around my parents' bedroom door, excitedly whispering "do you think it's OK to wake them up?, I dunno they might be still sleeping."  By 5:30 we'd be laying on their bed, and by 6, my Dad would go downstairs to make sure that Santa wasn't still here (i.e., start a pot of coffee).

Well, like it or not, I've transitioned into the parent. In a couple of years, my daughter will be pestering ME at 5am to go open presents, and I'll go downstairs to check that Santa wasn't still here (i.e., make sure our dog Oscar hadn't preemptively opened any presents to get to HIS Christmas treats).

I've found that a sad part of being an adult is that it's hard to match that level of excitement as being a kid on Christmas morning.  However, if there's one thing that comes close --- other than when Son of Clung wins the BCB NCAA Tournament, that is --- is Opening Day.

We're only 1 week away.  

Brewers @ Cubs
March 31
1:20 PM

I have my L flag ready and waiting.  How are you getting ready for Opening Day?  Are you going to the game?