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Tuesday's (Early) Frosty Mug

So, I set my DVR to record the game and set my alarm for 7 this morning, thinking I'd sleep about the normal amount, and just watch the game on DVR while I wrote the Mug. But something in the back of my brain knew there was baseball on, and wouldn't let me sleep. So I was up at 6:15 and in front of the TV. I'm about an hour behind, but I'm still watching Opening Day, and that puts me a step ahead of "professional" baseball writers like Dayn Perry.

Let's start with predictions today, because there's a handful of them:

Baseball Digest Daily gets it right.
Walk Like A Sabermetrician got it right too.
Replacement Level Yankees combined all the computerized projections they could find...and got it wrong.
The Giants Baseball Blog also got it wrong. Way wrong, in fact.

We're just one bizarre characterization away from the trifecta: The Good Phight has assigned every MLB team a band (Brewer nominee: Butthole Surfers), and ESPN's Jerry Crasnick gave every team a slogan (Brewer nominee: Dislocation Station). If you read both of those in the same sitting, you might feel your brain cells deteriorating.

Baseball Digest Daily has game notes from Saturday's Brewers/Giants game, but didn't post them until yesterday for some reason.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Johnny Estrada has finally recovered to the point where he could take BP yesterday.
Chone Figgins left yesterday's game with hand cramps, but could be back today.
Giants IF Kevin Frandsen has a torn Achilles and will miss 2008.
Brad Lidge will open the season on the DL so he can spend another week or two rehabbing his knee.
Gary Matthews Jr. has a sprained ankle and is day-to-day.
Scott Rolen's broken finger will land him on the DL.
Jays P B.J. Ryan will also remain in Florida after camp and will be out until mid-April.

Here's a read to go with today's injury reports: Baseball Musings links to a study showing that the height of the mound increases stress on pitchers and may be raising injury risks.

How long until every seat at Miller Park has one of these? I don't drink beer, but even I recognize that's a great idea.

Are you an aspiring graphic designer? Would you like to win $100? MLB Trade Rumors is looking for someone to design a new logo for the site. I feel like there's potential for comedy here but it's just too early for me to work it out.

That's all for today. I'm giving my full attention back to the game. Drink up.