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Friday's Frosty Mug

I think we're at 181 ounces now? I don't know. Maybe next week I'll have time to count them again.

This is the kind of season preview I like to see: Ken Rosenthal thinks Ryan Braun will win the NL MVP. Still no love for Fielder.

Jim Powell's 2008 season preview is up at his blog as well. It's a good, in-depth read.

As reported at and in the diaries, Chris Capuano is putting off his second Tommy John surgery and will try rehab for a few weeks first. It's not the track I would've taken, but I'm not a doctor and it's not my elbow.

At this point I'm calling it a rumor because there's no published report yet, but rumors are floating around suggesting that Doug Davis has thyroid cancer. I'm hoping it's just a rumor.

Here are the rest of the injury reports, alphabetical and in one line or less:

Twins CF Carlos Gomez will play again tomorrow and his hamstring should be fine for Opening Day.
Yankees P Jeff Karstens will miss Opening Day after injuring his groin in a game yesterday.
Hideki Matsui missed Wednesday's game to get married. He's day-to-day.
Scott Rolen's broken finger is going to keep him out until May, but at least he didn't lose the fingernail.
Jose Valentin is still battling a pinched nerve in his neck, and will start 2008 in extended spring training.

Home Run Derby has video of the Racing Sausages on skis. It sounds hilarious, but I can't make it work. Maybe it'll work for you.

The Jay Gibbons/Jose Guillen story is getting ridiculous. Both players are suspended for the first 15 games for performance enhancing drug violations. So two teams, the Royals and Orioles, have made plans for Opening Day that don't include these sluggers. But, it's possible they won't actually be suspended. Major League Baseball is reviewing the decision. By my calendar, we're 3 days away from Opening Day and both teams still don't know if they're going to be on the roster. Once again: Bud Selig makes about $15 million annually. Why?

Of course, the Orioles bring some of their troubles upon themselves. Apparently they're upset with Nick Markakis for taking ground balls at shortstop. If he could play there consistently, Markakis might be the best offensive shortstop in baseball. If I'm his manager and he wants to try it, I'll stand out there and hit him ground balls all night.

Following up on yesterday's note about the Nationals new stadium revenue: Capitol Punishment has a link to the beer and food menus at the new ballpark. Two quick notes:

1. There's not really any pricing here that I'd define as completely out of line, but it is an opportunity to point out one thing: Pricing something like bottled water at $4 for a 3-hour, outdoor, summer event is a public health risk, plain and simple, and I'm surprised teams get away with it.
2. What happens to the (by my count) 29 planned specialty concession stands when the Nats are still a below-average team in 2009 and attendance drops from 30,000/game to 15,000?

While I'm on the topic of stadiums, Faith and Fear in Flushing has another great Shea Stadium story in their farewell series.

Yesterday I mentioned the saga of Travis Blackley, who has been Rule 5 drafted and returned twice. Turns out, he's going to get to stay with the Phillies, in AAA. Maybe over time he'll get to be Super-2 arbitration eligible as well, and his career can become a textbook on obscure salary and roster rules.

Speaking of Rule 5 draft picks, the Mariners have returned knuckleballer R.A. Dickey to the Twins. I didn't see this coming, but Dickey doesn't really spin like a normal pitcher, so it's hard to tell which direction he's going.

Looking through yesterday's transactions, I thought I had big breaking news because the Pirates designated Jack Wilson for assignment. It's actually Josh Wilson. False alarm.

Finally, if you're a stat guy, TangoTiger has done some work on HR Park Factors that may interest you. I started reading it at 6:30 this morning, so I'm planning on re-reading it later when the words will make sense.

That's all for today. I'm on the road for a long time this weekend, so here's my tentative schedule:

Tomorrow and Sunday there might be Mugs, depending on how much I sleep and my access to Internet.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will not be Mugs, as my travel schedule won't permit it. I'll be home Wednesday night and the Mug will return to a normal schedule Thursday.

Drink up.