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Long-term offers out to Braun, Fielder, and Kendall

Just kidding about the Kendall part.  The Braun and Fielder part, though, is true, so sayeth Mark A.:

The Brewers have submitted multiyear contract proposals to representatives for first baseman Prince Fielder and left fielder Ryan Braun that would "buy out" at least one year of free agency and include an option for an additional year past that.

Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio revealed that development on Saturday, when thousands of fans filed into Miller Park for the annual "On Deck" event and the team's Spring Training finale against the Royals. Attanasio acknowledged fans' interest in the long-term fate of young stars like Fielder and Braun, but he stressed that negotiations with those two and other potential targets could take a while.

The same article points out that...

  • The Brewers payroll is at about $80 million
  • If need be, there's some cash available for a trade deadline pickup
  • 3 million tickets or bust!
  • Will an offer be made to Sheets?  No comment.
I wonder if Prince still feels hurt and insulted, knowing he has an offer worth tens of millions of dollars on the table.