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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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So today's intro is going to be even less witty than yesterday. Not only do I not have a clever one-liner, I didn't even get drunk dialed last night. So, today we're going straight into the reads:

If you missed any of yesterday's games and would like them encapsulated in two sentences or less, Baseball Digest Daily has you covered.

Maybe Prince's contract status has inspired him to work to improve more than I expected. Yesterday, for example, he broke out a new technique: the helicopter.

I'm a firm believer that we, as Brewer fans, spend way too much time talking about 1982. With that said, it's good to see Gorman Thomas and Robin Yount in camp. I was almost named after Gorman Thomas. Come to think of it, GTSnow does have a ring to it.

Yesterday's "(Young Player) wants to make team" story was about Manny Parra. Today's is about Tony Gwynn.

Scott over at In-Between Hops handicaps pitchers' chances to make the rotation. I think he's overrating Vargas a bit, but aside from that I pretty much agree with his analysis.

BrewersNation is doing player profiles to preview the season. As of yesterday, he rated every Brewer position player as above average or better. He's since downgraded Bill Hall to average, but I think it's worth a poll: see below.

Beyond the Box Score thinks Corey Hart is the most underrated player in baseball, and has a nice chart to illustrate it.

If Prince fielder is still angry over his contract situation, today he can call Jeff Francoeur to commiserate.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

AJ Burnett has a torn fingernail that's keeping him from throwing curveballs this spring.
Bobby Crosby missed Monday's game with back spasms.
Met Ruben Gotay injured his ankle and is getting a CT scan (?). I think they meant MRI.
Orlando Hernandez still can't throw the banana.
John Lackey probably won't be ready for Opening Day for the Angels.
Matt Mantei's attempted return in Tigers camp may be cut short due to a sore shoulder.
D-Backs P Micah Owings missed Monday's scheduled start with a sore shoulder.
Alfonso Soriano's finger injury will keep him out longer than the predicted 3-5 days.
Mariners DH Jose Vidro has a sore right elbow.

A couple of weeks ago the Reds signed (and later released) Craig Wilson, and I said that Dusty Baker was back to himself, signing veterans to block his young talent. Yesterday, in what Redleg Nation called Invasion of the "Dusty Guys," the Reds signed Corey Patterson AND Jerry Hairston, in the same day.

On a former Brewer note: It wasn't that long ago that Jeff Bennett was a candidate to close for the Brewers. Today, he's fighting for a spot on the team in Atlanta.

This shouldn't be shocking, but it is news: The Dodgers' traveling roster for China is...well, missing some people.

With Kyle Lohse still on the market and trades likely available, the Cardinals have decided instead to try out Sidney Ponson. Seriously, how many second chances does this guy get?

Home Run Derby lists the top ten ballpark promotions of 2008. No Brewer promotions listed, but Joe Mauer Fishing Lure Day is only a short road trip away.

I'll close with an anecdote. A few years ago, when Brandon Wood was in the Midwest League (low-A), he played his home games in Cedar Rapids, where I frequently catch games. My fiancee fell in love with him and developed an elaborate scheme to leave me for him. This morning, I sent her this story about Wood's attempts to break camp with the Angels. She had completely forgotten who he was. Her baseball attention span is pretty short.

Drink up.