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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

Yesterday I added six new baseball blogs to my Google Reader, bringing me up to 154 baseball sites and blogs. So I guess one could say today's Frosty Mug is 154 ounces. I hope you don't have to drive anywhere.

As is becoming customary, I'll lead off with Baseball Digest Daily's roundup of spring training action from yesterday.

Today's best read about the Fielder contract situation comes from Gene Wojciechowski at, who talks about Fielder's motivation techniques and how they've paid off for him in the past.

Today's second best read about Fielder, strangely enough, comes from The DiaTribe, an Indians blog.

Swing and a Miss, a Phillies blog, has some advice for Cole Hamels that likely also applies to Fielder: Want more money? Go play.

And from the "it could always be worse" category, MLB Trade Rumors notes that BJ Upton, who went .300-24-82 last season, was renewed for $10,000 less than he made in '07.

The Orioles also renewed Nick Markakis, their 2007 leader in HR and RBI.

ESPN offers some friendly advice, though: Don't Trade Prince Fielder.

Advocating for violence is always wrong, so I'll stop short of that, but if this guy's house burned down, I wouldn't be upset.

Two days ago, the "(Young Player) wants to make the team" story was about Manny Parra. Yesterday it was about Tony Gwynn. Today, it's about Vinny Rottino.

No Bias Baseball has a look at and projections for players moving to new teams in '08. Mike Cameron makes his honorable mention.

Shyster Ball rates the best and worst uniforms in each NL team's history. Shockingly, the Brewers' best uniform features a ball and a glove.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Hank Blalock was rear-ended after taking his kids to lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese, but everyone is fine.
Carlos Delgado is spending some time in the pool waiting for his hip to recover.
Met Ruben Gotay has a sprained ankle, not a broken foot.
Orlando Hernandez is altering his leg kick so he can get back to throwing the banana.
Randy Johnson has been throwing BP and should be ready for game action soon.
Cards P Tyler Johnson dodged a bullet, and will miss only a week with a strained rotator cuff and tendinitis.
Giants P Noah Lowry has tendinitis in his left wrist, which explains walking 9 of 12 hitters faced Monday.
Matt Mantei, battling shoulder problems in Tigers camp, has been released.
Hideki Matsui's knee and neck will keep him out of action for 7-10 more days.
Alfonso Soriano's finger injury must'nt be too serious, because he's not wearing any protection on it.
Braves P Rafael Soriano is missing some time with a stomach issue and elbow soreness.
Padres P Chris Young's wife was scheduled to give birth Friday; they're inducing her early so he can make his Friday start.

Kyle Lohse has supposedly lowered his demands to 1 year/$4 mil, but is still unsigned. At that price, there's about 25 teams he could help.

The Tigers, who suddenly find themselves in bullpen trouble, are looking to the Cubs as a possible trading partner.

Bugs and Cranks thinks, now that the Reds have signed Corey Patterson and Jerry Hairston, their next logical move is to sign Neifi Perez and Kenny Lofton. Could be worse, they could sign Burt Reynolds.

Finally, on a former Brewer note, Jesse Levis, now a scout for the Red Sox, has found a new way to get into trouble...twice, apparently.

Drink up.