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Community Projections 2008: Corey Hart

Corey Hart got one AB in 2004, and was an august callup in 2005, so he'll technically be entering his 5th season in the major leagues. He'll be 26 years old. He's got just over 2 years of service time so I belive he'll be arbigible™ beginning next year. A popular breakout candidate last year, he's also a popular darkhorse this year. Some referring to him as the most underrated outfielder in the game. He finished strong last season, despite collecting an unfortunately low 505 ABs, Corey hit .295/.353/.539.

Community Projection
Use any methods you want to make projections. Please submit them in the comments to the appropriate projection thread as a single line of comma separated values. For the hitters we'd like to project pa,ab,h,1b,2b,3b,hr,bb,avg,obp,slg,ops.

For Example:

I've created a player projection tool to help simplify the process. Fill out the values for Plate Appearances (pa), Singles (1b), Doubles (2b), Triples (3b), Homeruns (hr), and Walks (bb) and the rest will be calculated for you and outputted below in a comma separated string perfectly formatted for submission. Copy and paste that line to a comment. You are, of course, free and welcome to submit any projections you want in any format and we'll try to accommodate.

Voting is still open for Mike Cameron.

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