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Friday's Frosty Mug

Since yesterday morning's Mug I've added 3 more blogs to my reading list, so this morning we're drinking from a 157-ouncer. Enjoy.

A special welcome to those of you joining us for the first time after this mention in the Wall Street Journal! Welcome, find a seat. (We may need more seats.)

As always, if you're looking for a full roundup of yesterday's games, Baseball Digest Daily has you covered.

Spring training puff pieces are usually to be taken with a grain of salt, but has some encouraging things to say about Derrick Turnbow. Maybe a longer-than-expected offseason helped him sort things out.

Tom H. notes what I think most of us expected coming into spring. There is a "competition" for rotation spots, but if Dave Bush finishes camp with both arms still attached, he's getting a spot. Tom asks if that's a good thing. It's not.

I really enjoy Garfield Minus Garfield, but it rarely intersects with baseball. This morning we have an exception. I wonder if Jon Arbuckle drinks 25 cups of coffee daily.

Last Ned note, I promise: It appears to have worked for Trey Hillman, new manager of the Royals, but if Ned called the team out after a game to give a lesson on baserunning around home plate, in full view of the fans and opposing team, would he still have a job today? That's gutsy at best.

Bugs and Cranks previewed the 2008 Brewers yesterday. Topics covered include the bullpen, Mike Cameron, the rotation, Prince, and Brett Favre. If you're new to the Brewers since last week or so, there may be some news in here.

I've never heard of, but apparently they're selling futures on World Series tickets for all 30 teams? That's an interesting concept.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

A's 1B Daric Barton is struggling with a sore wrist, and may miss significant time.
Adrian Beltre is nursing a sore thumb and will miss at least a day or two.
Phillies P Adam Eaton apparently hurt his back in the batting cage in July. It's still bothering him.
White Sox P Gavin Floyd missed yesterday's start with the flu.
Andruw Jones isn't hurt, but the Rangers are concerned after he weighed in at 245.
Jeff Kent's hamstring injury isn't serious enough to keep him from taking BP on his 40th birthday (today).
Brad Lidge is still hoping to recover from knee surgery before opening day.
Giants P Noah Lowry was wild, then had wrist tendinitis, now has "Extertional Compartment Syndrome" and needs surgery.
Albert Pujols needs Tommy John surgery AND arthroscopic surgery on his elbow, but he's delaying it for now.
Rangers closer C.J. Wilson has bicep tendinitis and hasn't thrown in a week.

Today's "Young player gets renewed/signs new contract" story is about Jonathan Papelbon, who signed for $775,000. Is he worth more than Prince? That's today's Frosty Mug poll.

There's nothing really new here, but I'm glad Jack Cobra gathered all the things that could ruin the Cubs' season in one place. Also, Ken Rosenthal is typing furiously in an effort to lower expectations for Kerry Wood.

This post is making me crave ballpark food. Someone who's been there: What's good at Maryvale?

That's all for today. I'm on the road tomorrow and Sunday again, so the Mug returns Monday. Drink up.