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Gwynn hits DL; Hurricane Hernan hits Milwaukee

Hernan Iribarren, that is.

It's nice to see a player who's been talked about so long finally get called up. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hurricane, here are his career stats; he got a lot of hype after his 2004 season, but the ardor for him cooled after two good-but-not-great seasons in which he showed little power. As as second baseman who couldn't handle shortstop and was stuck behind Rickie Weeks, it looked fairly grim as to whether the Hurricane would ever make landfall.

Not licked yet, however, Iribarren flashed some improved gap power last year and the team, with an eye toward the post-Cameron, maybe-not-Hart center field situation, converted him to that position.

Voila: Iribarren gets a big league job and the Brewers get a backup CF who I daresay is better than Tony Gwynn. So far this season in seven games at Nashville, Iribarren was hitting .348/.407/.391/.799 with a 3/4 K/BB ratio and was 3-4 in SB.

Also from the link: Gallardo is rejoining the team but has not been taking off the DL yet; I guess that means he's not making another rehab start. Perhaps tonight settled the team's mind with regard to who (who indeed?!) is getting the boot.