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Game Thread #9: Reds (5-4) at Brewers (6-2)

I'll be watching two things today: the Brewers game, and the weather in Queens.  If a rainstorm or two gets in the way of me seeing Johan Santana vs. Ben Sheets, I will be one furious Brewers fan.

Anyway, getaway day today, and the rubber game of the series, all starting at noon.  Aaron Harang takes on Carlos Villanueva.  Ned is sticking to his lineup, notwithstanding protests from Tom H.  (No, there's not a law, but unless you think Gabe Gross's true talent level is that of an .091 hitter and Gabe Kapler's is that of a .438 hitter, it's not a bad idea.) 

Dusty keeps juggling, with Keppinger back in the 2 slot and Encarnacion and Bako back in the lineup.  Last night aside, the conventional wisdom is wrong: Cinci doesn't have all that great of an offense. 

Project-a-tron says:

  • Brewers 4.43
  • Reds 4.33
  • Brewers WinExp: 55%

Go Brewers!