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Site Updates

So, it's really early in the morning, aka late last night. I've been playing with making custom widgets for awhile, and have posted what I've got in the left-hand sidebar. We now have a widget for the 25-man roster, the 40-man roster, and various & sundry prospects. Rather than return to our little-visited link pages, I blatantly, uh, pirated an idea from Bucs Dugout and put the most important links in right next to the players' names; I also think the color contrast with the links helps break up the text a bit and makes it more readable. At the very bottom, you'll find the default SBN roster block with which to compare the new stuff.

Anyway, use this thread to post and comments, concerns, or (dare I say) compliments you might have. Suggestions are of course welcome. Too many prospects (only 39!)? A better organization scheme? Let it fly. We're all socialists here.