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Game Thread #11: Brewers (6-4) at Mets (5-4)

Hello future!

Today I'm testing out a feature of the new blog: the option to write posts and then have them appear on the site at a future time.  So regardless of what the time stamp says, it's about 7:30 AM.  Unfortunately, that means I have to run the project-a-tron without the actual lineups, but hey, managers are predictable guys.

The matchup this afternoon is, of course, Ben Sheets and Johan Santana.  Wow.  I opted out of last night's game because I thought the rain would make it miserable, but I'm not making the same mistake again today.  Game time is 12:10 CT.

I tweaked the project-a-tron to take platoon splits into account...sort of.  Since platoon splits are (usually) about the same from player to player, that's how I'm treating them.  (Plus, it saves me untold amounts of time.)  Even though the Brewers have the platoon edge against Santana, Santana has the I'm-better-than-everybody edge on the Brewers.  Sheets is pretty good too, so it looks like it could be a close one:

Brewers 3.7

Mets 3.8

Brewers WinExp: 45%

Go Brewers!