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Saturday's Frosty Mug

I'm really sick of the Masters. I especially hate that ridiculous slogan. Let's put it to good use today.

It's a tradition unlike any other...writing the Frosty Mug on a Saturday morning while simultaneously waiting for both the cable guy and the UPS guy who says he was here at 2:11 to deliver your package yesterday but couldn't deliver it because you weren't home even though you know damn well you intentionally didn't leave the house all afternoon so you'd be here when he got here.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Starting every Frosty Mug with yesterday's Win Expectancy Graph, Baseball Digest Daily recaps and ESPN Video Highlights.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Counting how many games Ned Yost has managed and noting that today he'll have second place all to himself.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Locking Hall of Fame writer Hal McCoy in an elevator at Miller Park.

It's a tradition unlike any other: A Minor League Ball All Questions Answered Thread, featuring a question about Matt Laporta.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Taking a moment after a loss to point out something bad, like Derrick Turnbow's streak of 5 consecutive relief appearances with a walk, baseball's longest active streak, but showing that things could always be worse with a quote like this one from El Lefty Malo:
If L.A. and Colorado lose and the Giants win tonight, the Giants will be in third place in the division.
It's a tradition unlike any other: Brief Alphabetical Morning (BAM) Injury Reports:

A's OF Travis Buck missed last night's game with shin splints.
Doug Davis' cancer surgery appears to have gone well. Best wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery.
Twins P Kevin Slowey is on the DL with a bicep strain.
Jose Reyes strained his hamstring in last night's game and will miss today's game too.
Dontrelle Willis hyperextended his knee and left last night's start after walking the first 2 hitters.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Putting all the non-Brewer links after the injury reports.

Rich Hill is pitching out of the bullpen for the Cubs this weekend, but it looks like Jason Marquis might get bumped from his rotation spot too.

Seamheads is having some fun with the overzealous snarking of Baseball Prospectus. Kudos to them for holding BP accountable.

I'm not sure if these two stories are related or not: A CPA in Miami has started a blog to review the finances and financial myths of MLB's greatest economic experiment, the Florida Marlins. Also yesterday, word got out that the Marlins are looking to hire an assistant for their lawyer.

It's a tradition unlike any other: Telling you to drink up at the end of the Frosty Mug.

Drink up.