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Brooks Kieschnick and a Presumptuous Young Whippersnapper

It's been a while since we've had a Kieschnick update around these parts.  I guess that's no surprise, since he's retired, and this year we have a team that makes it worth our while to pay attention to the present.

But I just can't let this pass.  Kieschnick, as you may know, was a record-setting college great with the bat.  But some of those records are falling:

Texas outfielder Kyle Russell hit a pair of homers and drove in four runs, tying Brooks Kieschnick for second place on UT's all-time list with 43 home runs. The duo trail only Jeff Ontiveros, who hit 55 in his career.

Unfortunately (for BK fans, anyway), Russell isn't done.  He has monster power, and there's more than a month left in the NCAA regular season.

I should point out, though, that Kieschnick left school after three years.  Russell is now in his fourth, as he spurned the Cardinals, who drafted him last year.  Coincidentally, Russell was one of the subjects of a Hardball Times column Kent Bonham and I published last week.

Finally, before we leave Brooks, I should update you on his cousin Roger, who is playing for Texas Tech.  He's hitting .290 and slugging .638, which I imagine will get him drafted come June.