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Sunday's Frosty Mug

This one's going to be quick, because I've got a brunch to get to before hitting the road for a game this afternoon.

Brewers are 7-4, a game and a half back of the Cardinals, a game up on the Cubs for second place. They'll finish a 3-game series with the Mets at 12:10 today. It's time for a Frosty Mug.

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The big story of today's game could be the #3 and #4 hitters, as Braun and Fielder have reportedly asked management to put them back where they hit last season. I know it's Ned's call, but if your two best hitters come to you with a simple request and you deny it, is that a pre-game Yosting?

Any other day, this would be my top story: Yovani Gallardo has been sent back to Nashville to make one more start. He was obviously healthy enough to pitch this weekend, or the team wouldn't have brought him along to New York. Furthermore, Dave Bush has thrown the door wide open for him to slide into the rotation. I don't get this one.

Jim Powell has been spending an awful lot of time on the air lately complaining about the quality of email questions he receives, but he took the time yesterday to beat the crap out of some bad questions anyway.

Brief Alphabetical Morning (BAM) Injury Reports:

Rangers P Eddie Guardado developed a "sore shoulder" when the team needed his roster spot, so he's on the DL.
Phillies OF Shane Victorino is battling a calf strain and could end up on the DL.
Dontrelle Willis has hit the DL with his hyperextended knee.

I guess I don't have anything non-Brewer related left in my tabs, so that's all for today. Drink up.