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Game Thread #12: Brewers (7-4) at Mets (5-5)

It's the rubber game at Shea, with Jeff Suppan taking on Oliver Perez.  The action starts at 12:10 CT.

As KLSnow mentioned in the Mug this morning, it'll be interesting to see the lineups, as Braun and Fielder requested a switch.  For what it's worth, swapping them (against a lefty, anyway), is a very, very slight negative according to the lineup analysis algorithm, but of course the algorithm doesn't know anything about how comfortable the #3 and #4 hitters are.

And anyway, for as long as Cameron is out, Yost seems likely to hit a lefty second when a right-hander is on the mound, so moving Fielder back to cleanup splits up the two lefties in the lineup.  Seems like an innocuous move all around, especially when Bill Hall is knocking it out of the park every other time he makes contact.

Platoon-ified Project-A-Tron says:

  • Brewers 4.5
  • Mets 4.4
  • Brewers WinExp: 48%

(Yes, I know that makes no sense.  Basically, most of the home-field advantage in baseball comes from the strategic edge of batting last.  If the runs scored are projected to be so close, many possible outcomes will result in a tie game late, including those that go to extra innings.  So basically, the predicted score makes it a 50-50 shot, and the home field advantage gives the edge to the Mets.)

Go Brewers!

UPDATE: Tom H has the lineups, and the request has been granted.