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Admit It: You Miss Geoff Jenkins

If you didn't follow the comments in the Game Thread today, you might not have noticed: Geoff Jenkins batted leadoff today for the Phillies.  Yes, that Geoff Jenkins.

He had plenty of fun with the idea:

"I told [Manuel] I had to have the green light. He said, 'Hey ... no,'" said Jenkins, who stole a career-high 11 bases in 12 attempts in 2000. "They say you can see something in this game you've never seen. I just saw it. But hey, we have a glitch in the system right now. A few guys are banged up and we have to pick up the slack. That's what good teams do.

"I'm Rickey Henderson."

You will not be surprised to learn that Jenkins had never led off before. 

Naturally, he struck out in his first at-bat.  He did manage a couple of singles, and if he had been a bit more productive, MAYBE THE CUBS WOULD HAVE LOST!  Thanks a lot, Jinxie.